We offer the following services for your security:

Personal protection

We take care of your safety – for your complete confidence!
Whatever you plan, wherever you go or travel – we accompany you and take care of your safety, because YOUR SAFETY IS OUR MISSION!

SECA on the ground
…provides safety on-site and accompany you, whenever professional security is demanded
SECA in the air
…guarantees your security far beyond the borders of Austria. Our protection does not finish at the border or the gangway of your plane
SECA for kids
…gets your children to school or other events and back safely

We do not only take care of you, but also of your appearance! We accompany you and all people that matter discretely and inconspicuously. Appropriate appearance and manners understood.

Property protection

Your most precious possessions demand professional protection- SECA Security protects what is valuable and important to you! Your private properties, your offices and companies, your exhibition spaces, your valuables…
With three steps, SECA leads you to safety:

  1. assessing of the risk
  2. planning of the measures
  3. ongoing checking of the measures and adjustment to the risk development

We offer the maximum protection through highly professional staff! We will do this by preparing an overall plan defining possible dangers and appropriate protection goals.

We invite you to attend a consultation and to take advantage of our decade-long experience in that business segment!


We ensure the smooth running of your event!

From the professional assistance during the planning to the home transfer of the guests of honour, your event is in safe hands with SECA Security.
Our professional staff accompanies you to clubs, business events and receptions. Already during the training, we place great emphasis on a wide range of knowledge and the fields of working opportunities.
Our extensive expertise of technical requirements and possibilities helps you to choose the appropriate location of the event and to create and guarantee the required safety conditions Thus, we are able to provide security at all levels at any time. Whether it be the settlement of a professional location, a private party or the professional organization of MEGA-events – we can propose an appropriate support for any eventuality.

Contact us! We offer advice to you from the beginning of the planning phase and we provide professional information about valid safety regulations and rules.

Transport of cash and other valuable goods

With SECA Security, you are on the safe side!

Our philosophy is:
Better to be discreet and undetected than aggressive and provocative!-
Better to be inconspicuously secure, than conspicuously insecure.

In practice, this means that our transporters do not bear any signs that robbery would be profitable. We guarantee you a discreet and exclusive transport! There shall be no stops at other or for other companies, every transport of valuable goods is tailored to the respective client!

Of course, our transporters correspond to all required insurance and safety standards.